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We have had a vision from day one, that our ideas and passion for the tourism industry will be created into something much bigger. We aim to have our brand a house name in the tourism and property industry.

Benefits of using an established brand name 

When someone entrusts their biggest financial investment (property) to someone, they want to know they can reference check and research the company in oder to be confident that their property will be in safe hands. 

Property owners also need to know that their property manager knows all the in's and out of the game.

Managing one Airbnb property is fairly simple, but one airbnb will not make you money. When you run 5 or more Airbnb's, you need procedures, contracts and measures in place in order to be successful and keep the bookings coming in.


Being a Airbnb Manager has two parts: You need to know the tourism industry as well as the property management industry. 

This is were we come in..

We offer our franchisee all the support needed with tried and tested procedures, low start up costs, checklists and a brand to stand behind.  

R125 000 once off fee

Royalty of 2% of the 18% management fee charged per booking (only after the 5th property is acquired)

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