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Lodge Management

Running a lodge can be a mammoth task with so many moving parts.

The Host Management specialises in small to medium sized lodges over seeing all parts necessary to keep guests and owners happy

The Host Management has the experience and expertise to completely takeover the responsibilities from the owners and provide the following services:


  • Staff Management

  • Weekly and Monthly reports to owners

  • Marketing platform control

  • Payroll Management

  • Guest communication 

  • Bookings management  - Nightsbridge/channel manager control

  • Promoting lodge on booking platforms

Have a dedicated team to improve bookings and keep reviews high

Sales and Marketing: 

This starts with how we present lodges on our website, via social media and to the travel trade through to reservations and finally during the stay itself. By increasing digital presence we create awareness and form a community with past and future guests.



Whilst keeping the feel and character of each individual property, guests are assured that their welcome is genuinely friendly. The quality of the amenities and linen put a smile on even the most discerning traveller’s face. The food, from morning coffee till turndown surprises, is all freshly prepared, beautifully presented and very welcoming. Activities, where on offer, are conducted by inspired guides who are not only trained in sharing facts in an engaging and enriching way, but also in making each guest’s experience memorable


We achieve this through hiring talented managers, ongoing training, rigorous and measurable quality control and creating a culture of service excellence. We install systems and procedures that reduce wastage, measure consumption, control stocks and manage staff. We provide meaningful and detailed monthly reporting which allows us and the owner to monitor progress and take corrective action when required.

Each lodge is assign a dedicated manager that will oversee all aspects of the lodge and it's current staff. Our management works with current staff and does regular training to improve service and cleaning.

Always keep ahead of your competitors..

Innovators and entrepreneurs - The Host Management is the 1st in South Africa to launch Polycarbonate Domes at Misty Mountain, Tsitsikamma. 

Our stargazing domes are exclusively available to our managed lodges and brings the lodge a huge competitive advantage 

The Dome @ Misty Mountain
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