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Necessities for every Airbnb


Perhaps you are thinking of starting your own Airbnb or maybe you just want to up your guest room’s game for when friends and family visit. 

Regardless, here are some essentials that we use and recommend:

Airbnb app— This is the easiest way to maneuver on the platform and respond to requests and messages quickly!Schlage lock – We love being able to program and manage codes through my phone. It connects to my phone via bluetooth and it could not be easier. When the guest leaves I just delete their code.

City GuideMake your own or buy one (here’s the one I have for Minneapolis). I actually then went through and highlighted our favorites in the book.There is a place on Airbnb for you to do a digital guidebook, but I have found that guests rarely look at it or use it.  I get a lot of messages asking questions that are addressed/recommendations listed in the digital guidebook, so it’s not worth spending the time compiling options there.You can always stop by a tourist center in your town or state and pick up some free brochures to display or have available. We also keep a current a bicycling and public transit map, which can be helpful!When we stayed in an airbnb near a national park, the host provided a map to borrow and it was SO useful. 

Wifi SignOne of the messages or questions that I receive the most is “what’s the wifi password?” This sign has been helpful for me and guests.  (click on the images below to check them out)📷📷 📷📷ToiletriesWe have a hair dryer, full sized shampoo & conditioner, body wash, hairspray, tampons, a little travel toothbrush in case anyone forgot theirs ($1 in the mini section at Target!), and this special lint roller since we have a cat. Although everyone loves our cat, no one wants to be covered with her hair when they leave.Some people prefer buying a bunch of the little hotel-sized toiletries for guests, but having full-sized toiletries saves money and cuts down on plastic

Guest Book – there are so many fun guestbooks to use, like this funny bathroom one, this one for a cabin, or this map-themed one.This is the one that we have, and we love all of the drawings people make:

Super soft towels— This is not something you should skimp on!

Extras like blankets, a heater, or a fan, depending on the weather or climate. Even if the room is gorgeous and clean, your guest will not have a great experience if they are too hot or too cold. I also like to have several different types of pillows (soft, harder, etc.). Comfort comes first!

Welcome Gift Some airbnb hosts have “welcome gifts” for guests. This is not something that every host does, but it can be a wonderful surprise. Some examples of things that hosts include in their welcome gifts: local beer, local wine & cheeses, chocolate, a voucher for a complimentary coffee or tea at a local shop, snacks, local coozies, microwave popcorn, locally handmade soap, bottled water, maps of the area, or champagne (especially when they mention an anniversary or celebration!).We have stayed at this Airbnb twice before, and the hosts own a pizza shop, so they give every booking a free frozen pizza from their shop, which is a really nice touch.We’ve found that when you go above and beyond by paying attention to the little details and including special items, your reviews will soar and you’ll have repeat visitors!

Safety necessities: fire extinguisher (especially in the kitchen), first aid kit, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, emergency contact information for you and/or a friend, etc. Here is a tip sheet that was made specifically for Airbnb hosts.  If you are providing a space heater, make sure that it is one that shuts off when tipped over and that the guests know how to properly use it. 

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